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Top 5 Media Dissertation Ideas You Should Consider

Top 5 Media Dissertation Ideas You Should Consider

Choosing topics for your media dissertation isn’t going to be easy because this is one of the largest and most comprehensive fields you can think of. The word ‘media’ refers to communication tools and outlets that can be used to store or spread information. It was traditionally used to describe communication industries such as broadcasting, print media, photography, and cinema. However, the creation and popularization of the internet has broadened the concept and changed the meaning of the word. Below are some great ideas for your media dissertation which have been picked by a professional.

  1. Media Psychology: A Complete Evaluation of the Effects Advertising to Kids on the Gift Presenting Intentions of Parents
  2. In this thesis, your job will be to find the relationship between advertising to children and the de decision for the parents to purchase gifts for them. It also analyses the relationship between technological media innovations and how they affect the interest children have in gifts. It also considers how parents respond to this innovation.

  3. Analyzing The Internet as a Public Sphere Using Social Media As a Case Study
  4. The term public sphere refers to a realm of social life and interaction. While this realm can be physical, the internet has also made it virtual. People can reach anyone anywhere around the world. Now, social media can be used to get public opinion. Your job will be to write about how the internet has redefined the public sphere.

  5. Web Advertising and Its Influence in Changing the Demands on Advertising
  6. Before digital or web advertising, marketers had to depend on traditional methods of advertising. However, the dynamic of web marketing is changing every day and this is what you need to write about. Talk about how these changes have also affected products and compare them to the past. In a nutshell, write about the advertising media revolution.

  7. Protecting the Internet Users With Online Passports
  8. Chats rooms have become popular tools for organizing groups for various purposes. However, these chatrooms aren’t always safe especially when they are public with no special requirements for joining. Online passports can create a form of security to protect the privacy of chat room users. The online passports shouldn’t just be about chatroom. It can also be used in any other part of the internet.

  9. Internet Journalism: How Effective is the Internet in Journalism
  10. The internet and social media have changed the game for journalists. There have been positive and negative sides to this change. While it allows journalists to reach out to a wide and targeted audience, it reduces revenue streams and also gives way for people who aren’t credible to spread unverified information.

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The five topics above will serve as excellent topics for your media dissertation. You can show these topics to your supervisor for approval. After your thesis topic has been approved, the next way forward is to pay for cheap dissertation help online if you do not have the time to write. You can either ask the professional to teach you how to write the media dissertation yourself.

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