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Top 5 Finance Topics For University Dissertation

Picking finance-related topics for your dissertation program isn’t going to be easy. It is among the most critical decisions you will have to make through your time as a graduate student. If you want to write a great dissertation, there are many things you have to put into consideration, and consulting a professional thesis writer for cheap writing help (for instance, at Killer papers) might be the best option for you.

  1. Female Political and Economic Empowerment Through Microfinance in Developing Countries
  2. Today, it has become more apparent that women play critical roles in society. It is obvious that, along with men, women are making significant contributions to the political and economic development of communities. Through Microfinance in developing countries, more women are becoming self-sufficient and independent. Your thesis should the socioeconomic impact of women in business today.

  3. The Acceptability of Microfinance in Economically Developing Nations and its Impacts
  4. Microfinance has paved the way for economic growth and sustainability for many developing economies. Microfinance has also positively influenced several developing nations as they have gradually shown signs of improvement. When writing your dissertation, explore the state of awareness of microfinance in emerging economies, and indicate how these economies have integrated it into their financial systems.

  5. Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency: Are we Prepared for Decentralization on a Global Scale
  6. There have been many controversies surrounding the emergence of Bitcoin as a mode of exchange and store of value. Over the years, cryptocurrencies have made progress in scalability, usability, security, and adoption. However, cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology continues to expand, giving rise to new use cases. Let your thesis evaluate the effects of blockchain technology and critically examine the feasibility of global decentralization.

  7. Negative Impact of Financial Regulation on the Banking Sector in the United States
  8. Over the years, the U.S. banking regulators have continuously implemented a stringent variety of rules which form part of the crisis regulatory agenda. These rules, while enacted with the right motive, have varying negative effects on the banking sector. These effects cause poor performance in the banking sector sometimes. In your dissertation, investigate the ideas behind these laws and evaluate the impact on the banking sector to proffer lasting solutions.

  9. Investigating the Effect of the 2008 Financial Crisis on the Banking Sector
  10. The U.S. financial crisis occurred as a result of several economic factors. Your dissertation research should focus on measuring the economic effect of the 2008 financial crisis on the U.S banking industry and the Ripple effect after many years.

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